Flourish Ladies Ministry exists to:
  • Create a caring community of women devoted to Christ, through Deepening relationships with one another
  • Christ – Centered Focus
  • Fun and Fellowship – making great friends on the journey



‘Flourish’ is the ladies ministry here at Gateway Christian Centre West Bromwich.

We operate very much on our corporate vision ‘a Gateway for the presence and power of God to touch lives, and change the spiritual climate of the region ‘.

It is a platform and opportunity for ladies to develop personally as well as collectively.  We aim to provide an environment conducive for the Holy spirit to flow. One that is built on unity and love.

We have a number activities throughout the year, studies, fun walks,  workshops,  picnics, films and a favourite… afternoon tea. Each moment provides  an opportunity to share, learn and most importantly  ‘Flourish’ thus changing your climate as you move. Jon is often heard saying “you don’t get wet looking at the river, you need to jump in”.

Be encourage you now, it is the testimony of many women that ‘Flourish ‘ has been a conduit for them settling and finding their ‘fit’ at Gateway.

You are always welcome to contact me anytime via



This cafe style setting, serving a light continental breakfast; is a great opportunity for the ladies of Gateway to get to know one another better, and to grow together through a time of sharing and prayer. 

Elle Cafe Breakfast/ brunch. Fun, games and laughter with the help of the musicians and vocalists together with a word in season. 

Elle Cafe usually occurs bi-monthly on a Saturday morning between 10:30am – 12pm.


These activities include:

  • Women’s Movie Night

  • Women’s Afternoon Tea

  • Family Walk & Picnic

  • Women’s Pamper Day

  • Women’s Christmas Meal

  • Women’s Creative Workshop

We would like to invite all our women at Gateway to visit the calendar link below and to sign up to the next Flourish events. Let’s take the opportunity
to build community of Godly women in our church.


Flourish Ladies