Creative is a department that encompasses the existing Media and Production teams along with oversight of all Communications and the new Arts teams.
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Experiencing church online has really highlighted how important it is for Gateway to have an online presence that will allow anyone who can’t physically make it to our services to still be impacted by what God is doing in our congregation.

The Broadcast team is continuing to grow as the demands for our broadcast content continues to grow too. Our team are trained to not only operate the equipment, but they are tasked to capture the very essence of what the Holy Spirit is doing in each of our services. Our main aim is to capture what God is doing and provide a ‘window’ for those who cannot be there to look in and be a part of it.

Our team of camera operators and visual mixers work together to create an amazing viewing experience that makes the online audience feel like they are in the room and part of the service.

Our Sound team support and serve our worship team and congregation at Gateway. They ensure that everyone who attends in-person and those watching online have a great and immersive experience. 

Our Sound team work very closely with our Broadcast team to ensure that visual and audio work seamlessly together to provide the best experience of Gateway both in-person and online.

The lighting of our services has a growing part to play in our Sunday services. Whilst in its infancy, we have vision to enhance and grow the tool of lighting in our services in order to help enhance each part of the service whether its praise and worship, the spoken Word or simply entering and leaving the auditorium.

ProPresenter is an important communication tool in both our Sunday services and midweek services through our auditorium displays.

The displays are primarily used to display the song lyrics during praise and worship. This helps the audience both in the room and at home participate in the singing of songs that forms a very important part of the worship experience.

The Visual displays are also able to display our in-service announcements and pre-service rotation videos, which are key to informing the viewers of what events are coming up in the near future.

Every Sunday service sermon is captured on audio, edited and uploaded on our website, Spotify and Apple Podcast platforms. This allows our listeners to either catch up on a missed sermon or relisten to it to be further impacted by the message.


We also have the ability to record and publish podcasts that are created to inspire and encourage our listeners.


Photography has been an essential part of our creative worship at Gateway since 2017. It has enabled our congregation to look back at each Sunday service and remember what God was doing through the service.

It has also enabled people to look back at other events happening in Gateway such as Servolution, Flourish, children’s and youth events and conferences and remember the fun, laughter and joy experienced by those there.

Photography has also been a key asset that is used in all our communication streams such as the website, social media, digital and printed media. Our in-house photography allows all our media to reflect an authentic perspective of Gateway.

A consistent style of editing is essential for any organisation because it allows people to identify them quickly and easily each time a viewer either sees a photo that represents them or allows them to differentiate them from other organisations or entities.

Our editors work to provide subtle enhancements to the original photo taken whilst trying not to change the message that the photographer wanted to portray too much. Our editing process also allows us to use the photographs taken on all our digital and print media seamlessly.

The filming team is being developed to work alongside our photography team to capture the highlights of our main events at Gateway. This includes our Sunday services, men and women’s ministries, family events and much more.


This allows us to create highlight reels of these events for people to look back on and enjoy. It also allows us to create authentic videos for upcoming events in the future using our own video footage.

Video content is an important part of our communication strategy at Gateway to keep our congregation informed of our upcoming events. So we use this method to promote our upcoming events in our Sunday services using Event Promos and the Weekly Notices.


The website is currently maintained in-house. It was created and designed to provide an effective place for members and non-members of Gateway to find out all crucial information about all areas of Gateway.


Website users are able to find out information about our services and other events, use the embedded calendar to sign up to various events and find out further information about our leadership and other resources available to them.

Social Media has become the most useful and effective method of communication outside of Sunday services.


The Gateway social media platforms which currently consist of Facebook, Instagram and the Gateway website help to promote any upcoming events, broadcast our Sunday services and also to engage our followers with encouraging text, image and video content.

Print Media consists of any graphic design created on any physical sources such as posters, newsletters, leaflets and banners. These are all created using our in-house graphic designers.

Occasionally, we use external avenues to promote our events at Gateway such as social media paid promotions.


Flags may be used as a beautiful, creative extension to abandoned and passionate worship. They are an expression of love and the inward burning of hearts pursuing Jesus and delighting in Him. They are an outward sign of entering into His courts with praise.


Staying sensitive to how the Holy Spirit is moving is paramount. It is also equally important to be aware of others and what is happening through the worship band, ministers and congregation. There should always be accountability to those leading.

Our new ‘Performing Arts’ team will form an important part of our Special Events such as Christmas and Easter services by taking part in productions, choreographed dances and other skits.


Manna Ministries, a local theatre company, will be working with Gateway to put on our Christmas 2021 Production ‘Relentless’.